Hi, I’m Emily and I keep this little blog. I’m a 30-something year-old woman and I currently live in North Virginia with my poodle, my cat and my trusty pair of running shoes. I love to run, partially because it’s one of the few sports-related things I do well. (Don’t even ask me to play any game where a ball comes at my head. It’s not pretty!)

I started running purely by accident. And by “accident,” I mean I joined the Army and they made me do it!


It was while I was in the Army that I learned to run, and then eventually began to enjoy it. Every deployment, stressful situation and “fun run” got me a little bit more hooked on that runners high.

I am now a civilian again, running with Team Red White and Blue sometimes and by myself most of the time. I’ve managed a few half-marathons at this point and learned how to train halfway decently. Recently I came off a rather embarrassingly long hiatus from the sport and am working to get back in form. 2014 is going to be The Year. The Year that I really see what I can do with this, and get into top shape. I want to push the limits and find out how far I can go!


If anyone reads this blog I’m THRILLED to have you here!


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