Hoo doggy

So, here I am. Out of shape and feeling the itch. The itch to RUN!! But not just to run a few miles outside when I feel like it (sadly, as that would be so much cheaper than the alternative). Noooooo…. apparently I’ve become one of those people who needs a goal – a big goal.

And suddenly I find myself signed up for the Anthem Richmond Marathon! I seriously have no idea how it happened, but here I sit…. with a bib ordered for home delivery (extra charge) and an official announcement already made on Facebook (so now you KNOW it’s real).

Which means, this blog is about to come back to life. Rather Frankensteinish. Yeah, I just made that word up. But you know what I mean right?

Therefore – onto the goals. The big goals. The nearly unacheieveable goals. Training starts next Thursday, one full week from today. For the next 18 weeks I will:

  • TRAIN to run the marathon (I’ll elaborate on my training plan in another post)
  • EAT a fully vegan diet (like I’ve been meaning to do since……forever)
  • BLOG every training day, at a minimum (since I failed miserably during last year’s training cycle)

I mean, why not?? Let’s DO this!

Hoo doggy

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