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11018101_10155627423260602_279686761704750057_nSoooo… running. Yeah. It’s high time to get moving again! I’ve been struggling with analysis paralysis lately. What’s the best diet? What’s the best exercise? Etc, etc, etc….. And then the other day I had an “ah ha” moment in the car….

2009 was the year I was in the best shape of my life. *WOW that seems like forever ago* How did I do it? By not really meaning to! I was in Cuba (GREAT running weather there) and had a stressful job. And so I ran to relieve stress. I ran a lot, but not as much as most people thought I did. I did some of the basic strength stuff I had to do to pass the Army PT test (sit ups and push ups basically) I ate a lot of beans and rice because the galley was always closed before I could get there.

That’s it. And folks – I looked great! I was muscular, lean, had ABS….. Dude, that’s the best! And I didn’t do crazy things like attempt to stop drinking or only eating salads. I wasn’t stressed out about it. It just happened.

So there we have it. The key to success. (ha) And this is how I plan to live my summer. Run every day, eat beans rice and veggies, drink water….. chill out already. Stop over-thinking every single darn thing!! Stop being ridiculous!


Back to Basics

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