Back in the Saddle

Oh hi there! Bet you thought I totally forgot about this here blog, huh? Absolutely not! Let’s just say….. winter was not kind to my workout/running/healthy living routine. Not one bit. Hooo boy I hate the cold!

But it’s May now – and supposed to get up to about 80 degrees here in Northern Virginia today. Time to start kicking my arse back into shape. I’m pretty sure my feeling are gonna be super hurt for a few weeks, but it has to happen. I’m doing a little prep work today and start in full boar tomorrow. Because I apparently always always feel like you can only start new things on a Monday. Not sure what’s going on with that, but there you have it.

Soooo…. while I meal prep and write out my new workout schedule tell me how you’re doing!! Anyone out there in the same boat that I am? What are you doing to get back into shape for the summer/fall racing season?

Back in the Saddle

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