Winter fitness


Alright – all races for the year are done. It’s late fall out, and the mornings and evenings are dark and cold. This time of the year is hard for me, running-wise. I just can’t make myself get motivated to run on a treadmill much, and it’s so dark out my regular running routes are mostly out of the question. Usually at this time of the year I find myself adhering to the couch until sometime in the spring.

But, not this year! I’ve decided put a different spin on things this winter and to work on mah fitness….. like in that Black Eyed Peas song?? Please tell me I’m not a million years old for knowing it! Ha!

Today I’m starting (well, re-starting actually – but that’s too boring of a story to bother you with) Beachbody’s PiYo program! It’s a full 60-day program with a bunch of workouts and a diet plan and everything, based on a mixture of Yoga and Pilates. According to the website, “No matter your age, no matter your body type, PiYo will help give you dramatically visible, incredibly beautiful results.” Here’s hoping!

Oh yeah, and I’m trying on their Shakeology stuff for size as well. Had one for breakfast this morning, as a matter of fact! It’s not the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, but it’s not bad. And apparently it’s got all kinds of superfood stuff in it….. All I know is I need to get a handle on my diet and hopefully this will help!

To be frank, I think I’ll almost certainly see good results if I manage to actually stick to the program. I’ve not been really great nutritionally and I tend to imbibe an awful lot of wine. The diet plan should fix that right up! And, I’m a weakling. This whole year I’ve focused on running and neglected everything else, meaning I have almost no real muscle these days. So, even a little change should prove pretty helpful.

Has anyone else out there tried this program? I’m currently addicted to googling “PiYo results” to see all the neat physical transformations folks have been sharing!

Winter fitness

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