At long last

Sooo preeettyyyyy
Sooo preeettyyyyy

Well helloooooooooo………You remember how I said I was going to write more? Like the last three times I’ve written? Yeah. Sorry dudes. Apparently I have just let the latter portion of this year just slip right on by without so much as a “hey, how’s it going?”

But It’s winter now – and I am NOT going outside much if I can help it. So, I’ll be chattering on here quite a bit more.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – can I pick up where I left off? (Why yes, Emily! Please do! – OH, thanks guys!) Let’s talk about the Marine Corps Marathon!!!!!!!

I loved it. Really loved it! I don’t want to bore you with a long race report, but here’s a few highlights from the race.

  • Coolest start line/start line activities EVER. So cool.
  • At the start line I realized my hip was feeling really tight, which it had been doing on my long runs for a few weeks, but never until about mile 15. Weeeellll…. it started hurting so much at mile 8. And kept it up for the rest of the race.
  • Which resulted in my time of: 4:45:07. Ouch. I mean, I’m still pretty happy with my performance, but that’s definitely a time to beat!
  • Despite that – the race was so much fun! I never really hit a wall, I actually really enjoyed it and the feeling of accomplishment at the end was so worth it!

And that leads me to where I am now. Trying to find the next race. I had one chosen, but then realized there was no way I was gonna run as much as it would take over the winter to run the full marathon in March. Sooo.. the search continues.

Lessons learned from the whole process:

  • Marathons aren’t that hard. They aren’t easy, but they really aren’t that HARD, if that makes sense.
  • 18 weeks is too long for training. I’m doing 16 from here on out.
  • Pick a race you WANT to run. Not just a random one. It’s so exciting to finally get there!
  • Schedule the HECK out of your runs. Otherwise, you’ll skip. Or maybe that’s just me 🙂

Alright ya’ll. That’s my long winded, “back on track” post for the day! More to share! Coming soon!

Quick question – does anyone know a good marathon, that takes place in late spring, that is in the DC/VA/MD area?? If so pleeeeaaasssseee share!!! We can run it together!

At long last

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