MCM is still a go!!


Doo, dee, doo, dee, dooo – oh hi there! Don’t mind me, just dropping in after a MUCH longer than planned siesta! How’s everything in blog/running world?? Turns out this summer was super busy, and I have to admit I’m not even sure why. I haven’t forgotten about this little blog and the fun we have here, I just got caught up in “stuff” and never sat down to tell you about it! I know, right? What kind of a friend does that??  But anyhow, lets move on.

Running has NOT fallen by the wayside. Well, to be completely fair, I am a teensy bit burnt out at the moment, but I feel that’s normal when training for a marathon. Right? I hope that’s true!


I’ve spent months now thinking about it, fearing it, worrying over it. But, you know what I realized the other day?? I’m no longer afraid of it. Sure, it’ll hurt. But I’m pretty darn sure I’m going to finish, and hopefully finish strong. OH YEAH BABY!

But yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to a few weeks off of running in all my spare time. I have some fitness plans for after the race that I’ll elaborate on more at a later date…. After the marathon I’ll be in a better spot to gauge how I feel and what I want to do next.

For now, however – IT’S ALL MARATHON, ALL THE TIME! Prepare for annoying updates on marathon tapering, expos, you know.. stuff…

Also, we are going to need to talk about how dark it is in the mornings these days too. Another post…. enjoy the photo of an early morning run this past week (above).. It’s seriously cramping my style.

MCM is still a go!!

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