Just keep running, running, running


Is it already August?? How did this happen? I just don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!!

It must be that I’m getting old. It’s something I’ve claimed for some time now, but not really believed or meant – just mainly for comedic effect. But ya’ll time passes faster every year and I’m not sure I’m ok with that! At least not on the good years. You know how you have those years that are fantastic in every way and then there are THOSE years… the ones that are harder than they really should be for whatever reason…. yeeaaahhhhh

But, this is a running blog right?? YES, yes it is. So, let’s talk running. Dudes, despite the fact that I’ve been quiet here I’ve been running my tail off! (literally, my pants are all loosey goosey and I’m too cheap to buy new ones) Marathon training is about mid-way through and I have to tell you – I love it! Sure, I’m at the point where I feel a lot more tired than I am used to, and where I’m not completely thrilled for every run (I even had about two weeks just now of not quite meeting the mark), but here’s something that’s fascinating me so far: I think I may actually be made for this shit. For reals. While I am tired, I am not feeling any crazy soreness or pain or anything. The long runs are starting to get a little tedious, but other than that…. my only issue has really been a scheduling thing – you know, balancing life and running. I think in the next few weeks there will be more running, less life lol

One thing I started doing, and that ended up being kind of my “thing” these days is to carry my iPhone and take a photo on every run. I started doing it at first because it was way more fun for those who actually look at whatever silly things I post to Facebook than those darn running updates that annoy everyone. But they started being a part of keeping me entertained on all these runs.


Turns out my “Facebook fans” (my parents) really love them! Who knew? I’m not viral yet, but at least it seems to be inspiring folks or at least not pissing them off!

This weekend my long run will be the first of the series of runs where I officially go further than ever before. 14 miles this weekend. Shit’s about to get real. I’m excited, scared and well… ready to see how it goes!

How is your summer training going? How on EARTH do you schedule these darn runs in so you have time to do anything else????


Just keep running, running, running

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