Running my little feet off


HI all! Wow, I just keep dropping off the radar and then popping back up in a preeeettyy random manner! It’s just that sometimes there is a break in the flow of creative juices over here in Emily-world! But, have no fear – the running has not ceased! I’ve been running my little heart out this last…month(!?!) since my last post. I managed to put in a few good mileage weeks right before…. drumroll please…. I STARTED MARATHON TRAINING!

Yes. Marathon training has begun! And so far so good. I just completed week two of my 18-week training plan and so far I’m feeling good. It’s really great to have a plan, a goal and great weather/locations to run in. And I’m especially proud of myself for starting to carry my running shoes pretty much everywhere.


I’ve run right out the door of the apartment on the trails close by, around the boyfriend’s neighborhood an hour south of Arlington and been scoping out new trails (or portions of trails) to run to keep things interesting. And to keep myself entertained and share the journey I’ve been snapping a photo each time I’m out for a run.


The run down thus far:

Week 1 (June 23-29) – 3 miles, 5 miles, 3 miles, 8 miles = Total 19 miles

Week 2 (June 30-July 6) – 3.3 miles, 5 miles, 3 miles, 9.25 miles = Total 20.55 miles

I’m super syched for this week too! I joined a new gym and am adding in twice-a-week strength training in the form of Body Pump. Also, continuously tweaking the diet to add in raw foods and decrease the other stuff…. Off to a good start!

How is your summer training going?




Running my little feet off

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