Weekly Mileage Report


In the name of keeping myself honest, I think it’s time to start sharing a weekly running recap with you guys. Hopefully, it will inspire me to be more consistent and get as many miles as possible in!

So, last week’s total was 21.7 miles. Not bad! I mean, I certainly want to start doing more, but I’m glad I got at least 20 in!

The best run of the week was Sunday morning’s long run. I started out not meaning to go more than 4-5 miles, and when I hit the spot near my apartment where the trails branch off in various directions, I took one that was new to me. And then this happened:


And I was feeling good, and it was a beautiful morning out, and… next thing I knew I had run 7 miles. My calculations had indicated that it should be 8, but once again my math skillz were less than stellar. And I mean, once you get back to your door, it seems a bit much to turn around and head back out again. So, I made do with a dog walk, some furniture rearranging, and the rest of the day spent doing this:


I had to make the photo of my blinding white legs a little smaller. You’re welcome 🙂

I wish every day could be Sunday!

How did your mileage go last week?




Weekly Mileage Report

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