National Running Day miles


Happy National Runners Day! Wow, I really wanted to get up and run a bunch of miles this morning, but my legs were tired, my arms are sore from the new strength workout I just started, and time was a bit crunched. So, I ended up making do with a good four miles, which included one HUGE hill in the middle. You know, just to give the old legs a break, lol! Frankly, I still feel amazing – even if all my limbs are aching right now. I’ve managed to get out for an early run every morning this week so far, and I’m hoping to keep it up! It makes the day so much better.

The weather is starting to get more and more humid here. We’re still not at the point where you can tell it much during regular activities, but running? This morning I was literally dripping with sweat when I was done. Yeaaahhhh…. I love this stuff!

Oh, so about that new strength workout. You know how I said I was going to do some old school strength training this summer? I kept forgetting to do the abs and arms challenge! I literally just could not remember! So, I did some more poking around the interwebs and found this program. Jamie Eason’s Live Fit. While it does require some equipment, I realized it’s not all that much. In fact, the attraction for me is that it does require some weights, but all of those can be accessed through my apartment’s fitness room. Too easy! I’m cancelling that gym membership I never use immediately! Also, it’s not overwhelming (at least to begin). Four days of workouts in the first two weeks, broken up by body parts. There’s also a whole eating plan that goes with it, which I tried for a few days and then quit. I just don’t think eating all the damn time is practical for me. And it was challenging to stay within the parameters as a vegetarian. I think I’ll just stick to common sense and let the running and lifting do the job.

Which reminds me, after work this evening I need to do biceps and back. Oh yeah. Pumping iron. (In a only marginally related story – I once went out on a few dates with a very nice young man. He was the sexy librarian type, I kid you not. But when he told me, in all seriousness, that he goes to the gym and “pumps iron” I just could no longer take him seriously! So now, of course, I use that phrase all the time!)

National Running Day miles

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