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This morning's run - 4.26 miles
This morning’s run – 4.26 miles

Happy Monday all! After a week of almost NO running last week (like I said, I really need to work on that “consistency thing”), I started the week off right with a  decent run this morning. Twas supposed to be 5 miles, but it turned out to be a wee bit less. Oh well, I’m not stressing it. I consider it a success if I get my ass out of bed and running in the morning, period.

One motivating factor here is that it is now officially one week until Memorial Day here in the U.S.! And the pools open on Memorial Day. And I’m not ready. Sooooo…… time to get crazy up in here! I really want to take advantage of this summer to get as super-fit as possible. I mean, there’s no excuse not to! It’s warm out, sunny, long days, and I need to save some $$ this summer, so I would be much better off running than say…. shopping! So, what’s the plan you ask? Here’s a few tactics I intend to employ over the course of the next few months:

-I’m going to follow Dr. McDougall’s weight loss guidelines. They are plant and starch-based, and low fat. And easy! But I plan to tweak and include eggs…. just to make snacks easier for me.

-Runners World is holding another running streak! I failed so miserably last time, I need to redeem myself! At least one mile a day, Memorial Day through Independence Day. #RWRunStreak

– I’m going old school on strength training. I realize that I hate to do it. Like, really don’t care for going to the gym, period. Soo….enter the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge and the 30 Day Abs Challenge. You can do this stuff anywhere, and it won’t take a MILLION years.  Those suckers start today!

-For a little extra motivation I’m running using the Charity Miles, which contributes to my Team Red White & Blue for every mile I run. Gonna rack up some $$ for this great organization over the summer!

– And, of course, marathon training starts on June 23….SUPER excited about that!

So, how are you guys whipping yourselves into shape this summer?? Has anyone ever tried this McDougall thing? I’ll have to report back on that situation.

Cheers! Emily





It’s ON

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