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Wow, it’s been a rough week for me, running-wise. I managed to get out on a short, slow run with a friend yesterday, but every other day this week…. I’ve been soooo tired. My insomnia is kicking me in the teeth this week and throwing in a messed up work schedule and a day of super hot weather (for this time of the year), I haven’t gotten out any other day yet. Which means, I need to put in some hard time this weekend. It would be really nice to get a run in tonight, but I don’t think that will happen either- schedule-wise. Sigh. I’m a little frustrated.

But hey! Good news! I found my next race! The Alexandria Running Festival is Memorial Day weekend, and I just registered! My goal this year was to run as many races as possible that give you medals at the end (it’s all about the bling) – and that are local. While I’m not opposed to running races with friends in other locations, I certainly don’t plan to travel JUST to run. Not to mention, funds are somewhat limited at the moment. The great thing is that there are literally TONS of races in the DC Metro and surrounding areas. Plenty to keep me busy. And this particular race is one I’ve seen happen, but never participated in. Well, this year is the year. I’m going to get out and go running around my old neighborhood.

And speaking of Memorial Day – holy cow ya’ll, that’s when the pools open and summer is “officially” here! I’m pumped! And I need to buy a bathing suit. And get this teensy bit of extra pudge under control. Does anyone have any good tips on a quick way to tighten up a bit? I mean…. we’re counting down now and I’ve been slacking far too much. This is insane. Also, need a swim suit. Crap, I gotta get myself together here!

Seriously, any good tips?

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