Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run


This weekend I ran the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in DC. In my head it’s one of the iconic DC races and so two months ago when I was asked by Team RWB if I wanted to run it, I was thrilled! The HUGE medal also got me pretty jazzed to, I must admit 🙂

So, how did it go? You guys, it was fun! I’m not going to give a boring race report, but let me just say that the course was mainly flat, the scenery was classic DC, the race was well-organized and it was a beautiful day. All good baby! My unofficial time was 1:38:27, which was slower than I really would have liked it to be, but it helped that I was running with these gals:


And, as one of them said, we PR’d in fun! I still came in under my “this is a slow as I can possibly run this and still feel ok telling other people about it” time and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I would highly recommend this race to anyone running in DC. Especially if you’re new to the city, or like myself, haven’t done all the DC things yet. Good times!

Did anyone race this weekend? I’d love to hear about it!







Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run

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