I Have A Plan

securedownloadI am nothing, if not a woman with a plan. It’s always been this way;  even when I was a little girl, if something wasn’t going right in life I didn’t take much time to mope over it. I drew up a plan.

So, after yesterday’s pity party about my body composition issues (1st world problems, I KNOW), I decided it was time to take action. While I still very much believe a whole foods, plant-based diet to be the miracle drug nobody wants to admit to – I need something a little more drastic here! I suspect it’s all the grains, beans and potatoes that are making me bloated and yucky. Enter the Whole30. It’s book/program I’ve been familiar with for some time. Heck, I actually own the electronic and hard copy versions! But, I’ve always ended up not really doing it for two reasons: I never saw a reason to really stop drinking alcohol and I hesitated to eat what seemed like an awful lot of animal protein.

But, I’ve been doing my research. I re-read the book (last night, obviously not word-for-word). I googled it and went waaayyyyy down the rabbit hole on the topic…. I looked at what other people were eating on this thing. And I realized, it’s actually not as bad as I had originally thought. The authors very clearly say the program isn’t meant to make you into a carnivore, rather it’s supposed to basically get you to eat more veggies. Like a shitton of veggies (pardon my French). It’s basically kind of the Eat to Live program with animal protein substituting for the beans and grains. When I tried to Eat to Live I loved it, except I still felt hungry a lot. I think the animal protein would make a difference there.

So, here’s the plan:

  • Start this Sunday (April 6, 2014)
  • Go crazy on veggies
  • Focus animal proteins on eggs as much as possible
  • Buy at least twice my body’s weight in sparkly water (it will be my vino replacement for the month)

Sounds pretty sane for the most part, right? Hey, I should lose the pooch and sleep better if nothing else!

If you’re interested, here’s a few resources I stumbled across in my quest for information:

The Clothes Make the Girl – Whole30 Meal Plan – Good meal planning stuff!

Good (Cheap) Eats – My Whole30 Eating Log – Good ideas for what the heck to eat on a daily basis….

MayDae – I Did the Whole30 – Maybe my favorite so far. She talks about what the eat, how it went and results afterwards.









I Have A Plan

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