Rock & Roll DC (Half)


Oh MAN, I did NOT mean to be gone so long! The last few weeks have been a little insane, what with packing, moving, more snow, etc…. But, I’m back and have grand plans for spending a lot more time blogging this Spring!

It helps that there is finally something to blog about other than my hatred of running in the cold! Ya’ll, the first race of 2014 is complete! Full disclosure, the first race of the year was supposed to be the Reston 10-miler, but I did not plan ahead and ended up missing it – so sad! Moving on though….

The DC Rock & Roll Half Marathon was a total blast! I certainly could have trained for it a little better, but I made it through and enjoyed *most* of it! And take a look at that medal!! OH YES! I’m so thrilled to finally be clambering my way back into the groove again!

My official time for the first race of the year: 2:01:54. Average pace: 9:18. Not bad, but lots of room for improvement.

Next up – The Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. I can’t wait!

Anyone out there kicked off their race season yet?

Rock & Roll DC (Half)

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