Vegging Out


I realized the other day that I’ve mentioned a few nutrition-related things on the blog, but haven’t really talked much about one of the things I love best – FOOD! Ya’ll I love to eat.

And I’m a vegan. Well, ok, I slip up a lot and so am vegan most of the time and vegetarian otherwise.

I’ve been flirting with it on and off for years, but lately I’ve realized I’m pretty much over meat, getting way better about being over dairy and eggs were never really my thing anyhow. There are two amazing things I’ve realized about the whole “eating a whole foods, plant-based diet” though –

1) Wow, it really does make you feel good!

2) Vegetables, beans, grains and fruit are really GOOD!


I really do feel like it helps my running too. Take the last week and half for example; I’ve been packing to move (tomorrow, yay!!) and so stopped cooking. Which means I’ve been eating crappy frozen and packaged meals. And I don’t feel well, not to mention I am so sore from my runs lately! I’ve noticed, over the past year or so, that the better and “more vegan” I eat, the better my body recovers after a hard work out. And my energy is so much higher.

One of these days I’m going to sit down and do a much more thoughtful blog about this, and maybe start sprinkling it in here more and more. But there were a few random, but related, items I came across this week that I wanted to share while I was thinking about them.

“Why Everyone Should Eat More Plants” – A great article by Rich Roll (ultra runner) who sums things up nicely

“No Meat Athlete” – I ordered his marathon training plan and am going to follow it for my marathon this year!

“Engine 2 Diet” – I love this man’s books (both of them) because he makes things easy! Also, he used to be a pro triathlete…. which is great motivation!

Any other veggie runners out there? I’m always looking for new ideas or tips!

Vegging Out

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