Happy Trails


All pumped up on Spring race fever, and determined to take full advantage of nicer weather, I dragged myself out of bed for the second day in a row now to get a run in before work. As I ran my quick three miles in that light that you get right before sunrise, I realized how familiar the neighborhoods and trails in my area are to me now. I’m getting ready to move (not far, but a different part of town) and will miss these little paths I’ve been running the past 3.5 years.


At the same time, I’m excited. The new apartment is basically across the street from miles and miles of trails to run. Way more convenient than where I am right now. As a matter of fact, that was one of my top reasons to move to where I’m headed. And I didn’t plan it this way, but I’ll be moved in just in time to really take advantage of them all!

It’s weird how moving, even if just a few miles down the road, is kind of like New Years. There is so much potential in a new space and every time I move (which is pretty frequently) I feel like I have a new chance to shape my life the way I want it to be.

All this was swirling through my head as I ran my old familiar paths, stopping to take a few photos along the way and greeting the regular folks I always pass at that time of the day. I’m excited, and ready for a new start!


Happy Trails

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