Spring Races

Things are about to start getting real up in here ya’ll. While my winter running has been….. let’s say, “less than optimal,” (ha!) change is coming. Yesterday marked a HUGE difference in weather here. We’re talking sunshine, rain and temps in the 50s! While the days get longer and (hopefully) the weather holds out, I’ll be working my booty off! Why? Well, let me introduce to you my Spring race line-up!

Numero Uno – the Reston 10-miler:


This is gonna be the warm-up for the year…. fun run, close by in Northern Virginia and you totally get a medal at the end. Priorities folks, priorities. Besides I need to get myself moving……

Because……. next up is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in DC:


That gets me through March. That, and a ton of training in addition, BECAUSE April is gonna be epic (in Emily-land anyhow)!

Kicking off with the Marine Corps 17.75K:

2014 1775K Header

I’m SUPER excited about this race! I literally JUST signed up for it… Like, no joke, 20 minutes ago. It sold out in 9 minutes. Why would a 17.75k sell out in 9 minutes you ask? BECAUSE WHEN YOU FINISH IT YOU GET A GUARENTEED SPOT IN THE MARINE CORPS MARATHON!!!!!

Can you tell I’m a wee bit thrilled????

Ok, pulling myself back together. I am only sliiiiiggghhhtttllyyy less pumped to be closing out the month with The American Odyssey Relay Run:


My first relay! I’m on a team of awesome people and we’ll be running through historic sites like Gettysburg, along the Potomac, etc. I’m so thrilled!

What Spring races do you guys have planned?

Spring Races

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