Baby It’s (Still) Cold Outside

morning run feb 12

Hoo boy, it was a cold run this morning! And has been every morning… since forever…. Great news, though! I think I’ve finally figured out the winter running layer thing! It sure does make a difference in this kind of cold, dry weather.

Other than being super cold, it was so beautiful this a.m.! I took the poodle out for a quick three miles and we caught the sunrise right as we got to the park. It was so pretty (and we had warmed up by that time) that we actually sat down on a bench and watched the sky for a few minutes.

me and B

By the time we got home I think the little dog was tuckered out! Which is good, because we have another winter storm headed our way this evening. My goal is to get out for at least a short run tomorrow, but we’ll see how the weather holds out. I don’t know if driving to the gym will be a real option – but I really really need to stay on track! This week is “buckle-down” week, wherein I need to really, truly focus on the work that needs to be done in prep for all the awesome races I’ve signed up for! (I’ll share those in another post, but I’m soooo excited!)

Baby It’s (Still) Cold Outside

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