Happy February!

me & b

Happy February guys! How weird is it that January is already over??

I’m feeling a little bummed about January running. It was…. sad. I mean, when I DID run it was great! It’s just I didn’t make it anywhere close to 100 miles 😦 But, hey, pity party over! It’s a new month, right? Time to get crackin!

In addition to getting that 100 miles accomplished in February, I’ve also decided to start tracking the walks with the dog as separate data. My poodle loves to walk and hike and I love being out and about with her. She, like her ma, could also stand to lose a little belly pudge this year too! So, we’re gonna shape up together. I’m trying to really focus on taking her out on long walks and when the weather shapes up a bit I want to try to take her out on a hike every weekend, if possible. It’ll be fun to look back at the end of the year and see how much we accomplish together!

Happy February!

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