Polar Vortex be Damned


That’s it. I’ve had it. This Polar Vortex has officially pissed me off! I mean.. the nerve!!! It’s been sooo coooolllddd here in North Virginia all month long that I’ve barely forced myself outdoors! Ugh! The treadmill thing is terrible and only to be bourne for about 3 miles at a time, it’s so cold and dark out that I barely even walk the dog these days (even SHE wants to come right back in!) and my running routine is thrown completely off-kilter!!

I finally had to throw down the gauntlet. NO MORE, Polar Vortex. Give it your best, I WILL work on my fitness 🙂 I drew up a battle plan…. which included a trip to Walmart to procure more layers for outdoors running and a few extra trips to the gym to participate in cross-training classes (hey, if I can’t run as much I might as well do some yoga, right?).

And this happened a few days ago:


That would be me in the bright pink with the white hat. Go ahead and laugh, I did! But you know what….. I was warm(ish)! Ha! I’m gonna do it again tomorrow morning bright and early too! So THERE!

What are you guys doing to beat the cold?

Polar Vortex be Damned

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