Running Trail Envy


Lately I’ve been SUPER jealous of folks who live and run in places like Colorado, Oregon and anywhere else there are georgeous trails to run right outside their doorsteps. I mean, I do consider myself lucky to be in Northern Virginia where there are plenty of parks and more urban trails to help pass the time and keep running interesting. Heck, if I am willing to drive I can hit up cool spots like the Mt. Vernon Trail or Rock Creek Park, but truthfully, I’m less likely to get out and run if I have to get in a car and drive somewhere in order to do so…. So, I make the most of the smaller trails and parks and neighborhoods here in Alexandria.

While jogging along with the poodle in tow this morning I decided I need to appreciate my stomping grounds a little more. AND take advantage of the above-mentioned trails (and others like them) on weekends and holidays. I mean, I AM seriously lucky and need to be a little more grateful! In order to do a better job of keeping things interesting and really enjoying my areas’ runs I’m going to try to carry my phone every so often so I can take photos of what I see when I run every week. They may not be the Rocky Mountains, but hey, it’s still cool 🙂

New Life Goal; always consider running options when choosing new places to live!

Running Trail Envy

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