Eat to Live is Ready to Launch

securedownload (2)

That, my friends, is a fridge full of veggies. Like, $150 worth of veggies. No joke. Eat to Live starts tomorrow – I plan to do it for a full seven days and see how it goes. I’m making a few modifications, to make it a little easier. I mean, if it’s not easy for me I won’t do it, so I feel like it’s ok to tweak a bit. My adaptations: I won’t completely avoid all oil (salad dressings without oil are hard to come by and I don’t want to worry about making my own on top of everything else), I can have a glass of wine or a beer in social situations, but will still be trying to avoid it and I will allow myself a cup of coffee in the morning. Not THAT bad right?

The meal plan I intend to basically follow will be:

Breakfast = a green juice and a grapefruit

Lunch = big salad and bean soup

Dinner = big salad and some cooked veggie concoction with starch (rice or potatoes,  maybe quinoa)

Sounds easy right? Holy cow I hope I can EAT that many veggies!!


Eat to Live is Ready to Launch

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