Oh WEATHER, and a Dietary Challenge


Seems this week we just can’t catch a break, weather-wise. After getting a good, albeit cold, run in yesterday late morning I woke up today to freezing rain. You can see in the photo of my patio just how grey and yucky it is out. I’m watching the weather like a hawk and the moment it stops I’m headed out to get a few miles in… gotta keep plugging toward that 100 miles!

In other news, just this past week I’ve learned of a “diet” that I’m interested in giving a whirl! Now, when I say “diet” what I really mean is “better way to eat” and not “starving myself to lose a few lbs.” Ok? Ok.

Are you familiar with Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s program Eat To Live? I was vaguely familiar with him, and had even purchased his book, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon this blog post at Be More with Less (one of my favorite blogs) that I actually knew what the deal was. Basically you try to eat everyday:

  • 1lb. of raw veggies
  • 1lb. of cooked veggies
  • 3 pcs of fruit
  • 1 c. of beans
  • 1 c. of starch

That sounds pretty do-able to me. And I know that when I manage to eat a vegan diet, full of veggies and whole grains, I feel much better than I do when I’m not on the wagon, so to speak. I’ve also definitely noticed that I have waaaayyy more energy, which equals more running, which makes me happier – let the circle be unbroken folks.

On his program you are, however, supposed to avoid oil and animal products (of course). Also, processed foods which includes soy products; i.e. all those meat replacement items I have found make life a little easier. Hmmm…..I can stay away from the tofu, but it would be HUGE switch to keep away from the oil.

Another challenge for me would be avoiding caffiene and alcohol. I don’t drink either of them for the effects they have, I drink them because they are DELICIOUS and also ritual. Very much a ritual thing for me, more than anything else.

Of course, I didn’t just read the book and jump in…. I went waaayyy down the rabbit hole. But, I have admit I was sold on this sucka when I realized that Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete tried this program out too. Yeah. SOLD.

So, here I go. I have been looking for a simple, doable way to get my diet back into good shape (thank you holidays for that). This may just be the key. I think I’ll start with one week. Just to see if I can do it. I want to see a) if I can stick to it easily and b) if it improves my running. I’m going grocery shopping tonight, and will report back.

Has anyone else out there tried this? Or something like it? Tell me about it!!

Oh WEATHER, and a Dietary Challenge

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