January Goal


Apologies on my flop of a last post. It was a really cool story, but apparently WordPress is not gonna let it show up on the blog…. not sure what the deal is, and frankly I’m too lazy to spend much time figuring it out….. Onward!

So, that picture above? Took that selfie this morning with the poodle AFTER running on ye olde treadmill at the gym. It’s waaayyyyyyy too cold out to be running outdoors! What the what?? How am I supposed to bounce back into running in 2014 with temps like this? NOT COOL

I’ve been looking at all the races I want to run this year, with a goal of one half marathon a month and my first full marathon. Problem is, I can’t seem to find a local half (or anything more than a 5k really) for the month of January. Could it be due to January weather? Ha! But I have a plan B. In place of a half, I’m going to do my darndest to run 100 miles this month – possibly for the first time ever. I do realize that we are already into the month here and that means I’ll need to get my rear end running, but hey! that’s the whole point!

Any January goals out there?

January Goal

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