Baby It’s Cold Outside


Uh, this is so embarrassing! After a killer first week of my holiday streak I’ve been derailed. ALREADY! It is *almost* entirely to blame on the cold-arse weather we’ve been having here.

Case in point – see above. That’s for tomorrow.

That, and the pure wimpiness that comes with it. Dudes, I’m so mad at myself! I guess I’ve found my boundaries…. cold. I hate running in the cold. I don’t mind the heat one bit, but give me sub-30 degree weather and I am a couch potato.

But, I have a plan. All is not lost! I will drag my rear end into the gym for the duration of the remaining winter (which is a whole heck of a lot of weeks left). I am downloading ebooks on my iPod and plan to be “well read” by the time good weather rolls around. I’ve never tried the whole audio book while running thing, but I’m hoping it helps entertain me past the first mile or so on the treadmill….

How do you guys cope with the cold? And, have you ever tried the audio book/excersize thing? And good book reccomendations?

Baby It’s Cold Outside

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