Busy Days and a Couple of 5Ks


While I’ve been quiet here on the blog, it’s been a busy week or so in real life! Yes, I’ve been running and there have been a few days where it’s the only think keeping me sane. And I’ve managed to run two little races as well!

The first was one sponsored by a friend’s company, so OF COURSE I ran it. It was the 5Q, which benefitted a charity that helps young students get funding for school. It was sooo much fun, me and about 100 other people (most of whom knew each other) ran the mostly downhill course. I thoroughly enjoyed how good-natured everyone was and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! I also managed to do a little PRing and was pretty happy about that situation.

The second was a Veteran’s Day 5k yesterday morning – another beautiful morning, but dang it the weather was downright chilly.

In other news, last week I finally got my mileage up to 25 miles!!  It feels so good to see so much progress over the last six weeks since I finally made myself jump back into running full-force. My goal for the rest of this week is to hit 50 miles by Friday (Nov 15), which means I’m meeting that 25 miiles a week.  So far so good! I’ll report back!

Busy Days and a Couple of 5Ks

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