Fall Running & Motivation


Is this not the perfect time of the year for running?  Not too cold yet (at least not in North Virginia where I’m hitting the pavement), pretty scenery, crunchy leaves… I’m absolutely loving this Fall.

Life has been busy for me the last few weeks. It always seems that when it rains it pours. With a boyfriend coming home from Afghanistan (yay!), my mom coming to visit from Germany and the holidays fast approaching I’ve been trying to get organized and ready for the chaos. So, getting my runs in has been a matter of getting up early and getting out there whether I feel like it or not. If I don’t do it right away, it often doesn’t get done. Case in point; today I WASN’T feeling it and I ended up not running. Now, I feel like I really need to get out there, but I know by the time I’m done with work for the day I will just want to walk the dog and be done with it. It doesn’t help that it is so much darker so much earlier these days. Kind of limits my run routes. It can be hard to stay motivated when I get out of my routine.

Does anyone out there have something they do to stay motivated? I’m always looking for ideas!

Fall Running & Motivation

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