Running Goals

It feels so good to be getting back into the habit of running consistently and getting the mileage back up a bit! I was just looking at my dailymile tracker thingie that I’ve been using for a few years now and I realized…. this October I ran more miles than I did any other month for the last year!


Which is a little sad because, well I mean… look at those little bitty numbers! But hey, progress is being made and I’m feeling good about it! I actually set a goal for the beginning of October to get back into the habit of running. And as the month went on it got easier and easier. You can see how each week I went a little further…


So, I consider that mission accomplished. With my last run of October complete, I’m looking forward to November. New goal – run 100 miles in November. Twenty-five miles a week. (A goal I have actually had for almost three years and never actually accomplished) Totally doable. I just need to start throwing in a few more five-milers during the week and start focusing on long runs on the weekend. I plan to enjoy the holidays and so maybe this will mitigate it! Also, come January I reallyreally want to start looking at running some half marathons and stuff…. This gal needs some bling!

Here’s to a new month, new goals and lots of time hitting the mean streets of Alexandria, Virginia!

Running Goals

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